From the sky,

to the mountains,

to the sea.

A Gippsland multimedia art project – STARTING IN 2022.

River Systems

Lead Artists

Amazing Project

The Project

A journey of river systems.

A documentary-style multimedia art project that follows the course of water flow from the Latrobe and Thomson River systems, down the mountains and across the land on it’s journey out to sea.


Stories and sensations.

Using a combination of newly created multimedia elements including video, sound, music, interviews, graphics, design, watercolour paintings, sculpture, and animation, the intended project will stand as a historical snapshot of the visual and audio landscape of the river system and surrounds, as well as drawing attention to the lives of people that are affected and connected to the flow of water in Gippsland in 2022.

Stories may include (but are not limited to), the Gunaikurnai people, as well as other residents of Gippsland, and key figures who work with and are knowledgeable of water resources and water issues, including discussions of health and environmental factors pertaining to water issues including species degeneration, pollution, climate change, mining and water management.

The project will be delivered as a living, flowing, sensory, interactive website with the intention of providing digital access to the sights, sounds and stories of the river system. The project aims to increase virtual access to these river systems to those living with a disability, the elderly and children through creating accessible sound bites and visual storytelling, without the footprint such traffic might make under tourism. The project will also facilitate increased digital access to natural environments for all Victorians and Australians during the ongoing pandemic.

In addition to an online output, the intended work has the potential for a multi-sensory gallery installation and exhibition at Latrobe Regional Gallery in 2022/2023.

Lead Artists

Meet the makers.

A culmination of five diverse, creative artists coming together to produce a multi-sensory, interactive, documentary-style website, tactile gallery installation and rough cut for a documentary.

Together, Mark, Edward, PollyannaR, Sarah, and Emma constitute a unique nexus in artistry for the work in this project. The group are applying for Arts Council grant funding to begin work on this project in 2022.

Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper

Project Director, Lead Artist, Sound Supervisor, Design, Music Composition

Mark has a background in sound for screen projects, multi-sensory performances, music composition, field recording and experimental video. He received his Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) from RMIT in 2020, and has undertaken extensive work in sound recording, field recording, web building, video editing and design. Mark has also
worked as a Sound Designer and Audio Editor for film and television, most notably on the soon to be released documentary JFK: Revisited (2021) directed by Oliver Stone. Visit Mark’s website >

Edward Yates

Edward Yates

Producer, Lead Artist, Videography, Video Editing, Sculpture, Research

Edward is a visual artist, filmmaker and narrative social researcher based in West Gippsland. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Social Science from RMIT
University in 2010. Edward went on to write film and television reviews for Metro and Screen Education and then has worked professionally in the film and television industry for over eight years in a range of roles including prosthetics, make-up artist, videographer, director, writer and producer. He brings to every project an eye for detail, strong visuals and in-depth understanding of storytelling.




Lead Artist, Visual Artist, Animator, Narrator

PollyannaR has a bold art practice which started with creating one of the world’s longest photographs. Passionate about empowering people and places through art and activism. Born in 1989 in rural Victoria, PollyannaR spent the first 15 years of her life illiterate due to her severe dyslexia. At age 16, she started taking photos of the wonderful, complicated and beautiful worlds she noticed in everyday life. Communicating her work via imagery in place of words. Pollyanna’s Gallery Studio space in Morwell is the physical extension of 15 years of community art practise, in which PollyannaR used a multitude of artistic mediums that help
link ideas that help connect people and facilitates community arts to grow in regional areas.

Sarah Duck

Sarah Duck

Lead Artist, Web Developer, Digital Design, Photography

Sarah is a multimedia professional who has been working in the creative industry for over 15 years in a variety of roles including website design and development, graphic design, teaching, community radio, digital marketing and public relations. She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia) Degree from Victoria University in 2004, and runs her own Digital Agency, Manta Creative. Sarah lives and works in West Gippsland and brings expert skills in web design and development to this project, as well as photography, editing, brand strategy and digital marketing.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

Lead Artist, Administration, Writer, Researcher, Community Engagement

Emma Thompson is a creative writer and community worker that lives and works within the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.
Emma’s work in Community Services involves working with at risk youth accessing out of school education, and conducting research to ascertain service gaps and issues within the wider community. In 2019, Emma published her article ‘The Death of Lifelong Employment’ in the magazine Gippslandia where she discusses the barriers and issues affecting young people when attempting to obtain secure and permanent work within a regional areas.

Sound for the Senses

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